Pretty Pinning

pretty pinning

I interrupt the red, white & blue to share some pretty pinning and fun projects!
Starting off with these corals, oranges and yellows for packaging. Pinned here


Definitely a reminder I need– to stop and enjoy! Great quote. Pinned here

memoribilia boxes

These boxes are neat! I have a couple from Kolo that I use but they are full. The past few years I have added birthday cards, receipts, movie tickets, plane tickets etc etc to them.  I love the idea of having a box per destination. I usually put mine in a mini book or in pockets in my scrapbook but I do love these boxes of treasures. Sounds fun to sit down and search through it all when you are in the mood to reminisce. Via Martha Stewart Pinned here

How gorgeous are these stitched textile pieces?! The plus signs would be amazing hanging on our gallery wall in our dining area. From Jane Denton So much pretty texture! Pinned here

jane denton


These floral monograms would be darling at a baby or bridal shower or birthday party. Sheesh, I want to make it and hang up for no good reason except for the sake of making something sweet. Pinned here 

Once upon a time I lost all my boards on Pinterest but I started pinning again. Follow Dear Lizzy on Pinterest here.

Instax Share Review

instax share

Because I am loving my Instax Share printer I thought I filmed and put together a quick review of how it works and what I love about it.
It’s really easy to set up and I am loving the result of the photos compared to my camera. Definitely awesome to get to choose the photo. Though, of course, I still love my Instax mini camera.
Click here to watch or press pay below.
click to watch

instax share review

instax share

instax share review

INSTAX share // B&H Photo INSTAX share 

instax share printer
 instax filminstax share case instax share printer

Mermaid Sighting

fun fin mermaid

In case you were wondering if mermaids actually exist…!
For Quincey’s birthday last month I was so excited to surprise her with a mermaid tail!! Since we were planning on celebrating her birthday with our family at the pool-it was perfect.
I searched around a bunch of different sites online and wanted to share the one I found that I liked the most:
Fin Fun Mermaid  
I chose them because of the good reviews I found. Also, there are other tails out there that are made out of foam for the tail which confused me because I didn’t know how they would hold up when wet or if they’d get soaked and heavy.
You can purchase just the tail (like I did) or add a Monofin to go inside the end of the tail. A Monofin looks just like a swimming flipper in the shape of a mermaid tail that sits inside the tail. I noticed it helps them swim easier and faster so now I wish I would’ve got the monofin with my first purchase. Especially since she’s more comfortable and it keeps the shape of the mermaid fin. In the picture my Quincey is only wearing the tail without the fin.
Make sure that your child is a good swimmer before she goes in the water with a tail on since you are not able to doggie paddle or kick your legs like usual. Also, I love the material because it’s perfect for swimming and doesn’t get heavy when wet.

Fin Fun also sells matching tankinis, bikini tops and even a version of a tail for a toddler that I want to get my little Lola. Little girls are so imaginative and love to dress up and play pretend… and being a mermaid is straight up dreamy!

fun fin mermaid

First a mermaid tail, then pink hair… this girl knows how to live it up at six years old!

fun fin mermaid tail


Instax Printer: For Your Phone

instax share printer

Days like today I really appreciate my own thoughtfulness. Immediately after opening this shiny new toy from the box I was jumping up and down– like I hadn’t known it was coming since Wednesday. Sheesh, I’d been tracking its every move since it left New York. And now that my kids are in bed I can thoroughly enjoy setting it all up. Though it is both a good & bad thing when most of the instructions for your techy toy are in Japanese. We’ll see how this goes.

For years I’ve been sharing my love for Instax and I still love that little camera!
But, you guys, this prints from your phone. So you can make sure the picture is good before you print. How many times have I forgotten to change the dial on the camera from the little house to the bright sun? Far too many. But I love over-exposed polaroids for writing notes on so it doesn’t bother me too bad. How many times have I taken a picture and my kids blink their eyes at the exact same moment? I swear they do it just to bug me. ; ) This printer also runs on batteries… little CR2′s, I mean, even the batteries are cute.

Excited to share how this all works, details of the little machine, & the quality of pics.

The best prices I found for it were on Amazon: INSTAX share // B&H Photo INSTAX share 

instax share printer
 instax filminstax share case instax share printer

Two Peas Kicking The Bucket

dear lizzy instagram

I’m sitting here devouring some yummy chocolate chip cookies courtesy of my procrastibaking (thanks Ann Marie for coining this term) and you would think I am pregnant since I am on the verge of tears about Two Peas in a Bucket. Some may think it’s odd to be sad about a website closing but I’m feeling nostalgic.
It’s the first place I shared a page online, the first place I was inspired by projects uploaded from all over the world, the first place I bought supplies online, the first place I saw digital scrapbooking (designed by my now friend, Rhonna Farrer). The first place I’d go to see new techniques and ideas, the first place where I felt connected with women who had the same passion for this hobby. The first place I saw my Dear Lizzy products selling online. And besides my local scrapbooking store, Two Peas & Creating Keepsakes magazine was where my love for paper and memory keeping started.
I feel like they are such an intricate part of the industry and a community for so many women to share their stores. Though I will not miss the cattiness of the message boards… haha! I stayed far away from that. I remember my very first and last message topic that I ever started there. It was about eight years ago when Avery was born and I wanted to know how long the photos printed from my home computer would last? Ya know, like, would they last 100 years? This is a valid question for a new mom with a new printer, right? ; ) Well, a lady replied so rude asking, why I would even care if my photos lasted that long. No one will even care by then anyway. That was when I decided forums weren’t for me. But I know women who have met life long friends from the forum and I think that’s awesome!

I went back and found the very first scrapbook page I posted there on 10/30/06. Avery was 5 months old and it was a page about My Hope for her.
Last year I enjoyed being on the Garden Girl team and seeing how things work on the inside. Selling my own craft products and being in this industry and seeing so many stores close their doors is hard. I’m all about helping everyone grow! We are in this together. Why do you think it’s happening?
Are less people scrapbooking? Is it the economy?
It’s hard to say goodbye. Thanks for everything Two Peas and Kristina! You will be missed! xo, Lizzy

PS Above supplies in photo a sneak peek from Studio Calico’s next kit!



When her hair was cotton candy

pink hair chalk

pink hair chalk

I was kind of surprised yesterday, as this sweet girl with her cotton candy hair blew away the dandelion seeds, and out of any wish she chose, “Bless that the bird in our garage will be ok and fly away to his home.”
Yes, at this moment there is a bird in our garage. I think Collin called it a morning dove to be exact when he was researching what it was and what to feed it. He found in the grass in our backyard then set it up on the fence post with some bird seed and headed off to work. The entire day the girls kept their eye on it and reported-it didn’t move one bit. Then the sky started pouring rain and I forgot about it. Collin came home after it rained for hours and rescued it, put it in a box in the garage with a warm light and a paper towel ground. Up high so the kids can’t touch it. It’s much more chipper today and is eating and walking around. But one eye is blind and it seems like one wing isn’t working very well. This is typical Dr. Collin Doolittle. Once he recused a stray dog in an industrial park when we were in a cool building for an event. Brought the pup home, nursed it to health and found a loving home for it. The bird will probably die but Collin didn’t like the idea of the bird ending its life in the cold, pouring rain. Sweet, right?!  And I’m so helpful, just only there to remind him to wash his hands anytime he’s near it.
So, yesterday when Quincey and I were taking pictures in her pink hair. (Because how often do you have pink hair in your life-we better document this!) And out of any wish in the world, she wished that the bird will be ok! Taking a fast breath between each word and blowing each flying seed off its stem. I love how Collin shows these girls how to love and care for others, even creatures of this earth. Telling them the bird might have to go to heaven… Which also teaches them how bad it sucks when someone you love flies away to God.

Yep, so my sweet Q in her cotton candy locks, praying for a hurt bird and living any little girl’s dream to have mermaid hair for the day.
These are the things that fill my day and I kind of love it. Lots and lots.
pink hair chalk

pink hair chalk

pink hair chalk

pink hair chalk


pink hair chalk

pink hair chalk

pink hair chalk

pink hair chalk

pink hair chalk

pink hair chalk

pink hair chalk

pink hair chalk

To dye her hair pink I used hair chalk from here: 
Sexy Hair Chalk.

It works best with light colored hair. I got her hair wet at the room and more dry to the bottom because it was a bit easier to put on when it was dry. At least with her hairs consistency
Step 1: Dampen the hair because it will last longer if you apply when it’s wet
Step 2: Work the chalk from the roots to the ends with a small portion of hair. Twisting the hair as you go to get all sides.
Step 3: Blow dry or air dry
Step 4: Use a curling iron or style as you wish
Step 5: Hair spray to seal the color
Step 6: Wash with water and soap to remove easily
xo Lizzy



Handmade Soap + Jars

homemade soap diy

How thoughtful is this gift of handmade laundry soap?! Love. it.
Amanda made them for graduation presents for girls who are heading off to college… but this could be darling for anyone, really. Even someone like me, who despises laundry more than anything, would appreciate such cuteness. Actually, I like the washing and drying part, I just suck at the putting away. They can sit in a basket for days until all the clothes are dirty again. How hard is it to put it in the drawers?! Lola is my neat freak. She’ll carry her clothes and put them in her drawer for me. The other girls couldn’t care less.
I love the tiny measuring cup she included and my Dear Lizzy jar paper was perfect.

dear lizzy jar paper

Cut out the jars and use a typewriter to print a message on the paper. Or if you don’t have a typewriter you can print it on a piece of paper and then use washi tape to temporarily attach the jar to the paper where it printed and print again so it’s on the jar. Because, let’s be honest, the typed message really adds to it.
I like American Typewriter font or there are some free ones at

Happy washing!
Project + Photos: Amanda Rydell

dear lizzy jar paper


dear lizzy jar paper


essential scrapbooking supplies
2870743_600x600 coupon code 2870728_600x600  2870837_600x600

First Haircut: Goodbye party in the back


It was a sad day today to say goodbye to the party-in-the-back Myles had going on.
His hair was seriously not only a mullet but approaching an 80s rock band length. I mean it deserved some sort of award for its awesomeness.
But seeing that my darling, rambunctious, trying-to-keep-up-with-the-big-kids Lola Marie cut both sides of her hair and bangs into a mullet by herself. It was time. I only allot for one mullet at a time in this family. (See Rule #36.)  

He wasn’t having it at first though…


IMG_9747 IMG_9749


“Oh no you di-int!!”

IMG_9770 IMG_9699



Myles: “No more party in the back?”


Hanging By a Thread: darling garland


I know what you’re thinking, hanging by a thread is referring to me… especially since it’s Monday and my husband’s been gone for work and I almost brushed my teeth with Desitin, again. But actually this darling garland is. (Ok, maybe I am a little too.)
Such a cute + quick project to brighten up your workspace or a corner of your home.

Start with a string the length you want the finished project to be. Hang the ends with a push pin the color of your wall and tie a knot on the push pin and trim the slack.
Next, begin adding different elements.
There’s folded paper lollis, dimensional circles, feathers, ribbons, layered butterflies and tulle. Even keep some sting tied in a knot.
The feathers and tulle give it a dreamy feel from a distance that I love.
Also, did you know you can find really cool colored string at Home Depot?

Thanks so much for the project idea Jesse!
Concept and Photos: Jesse Lohof



essential scrapbooking supplies

3042148_200x200 3042147_200x200 3042112_600x600 3042153_200x200

Money for Disneyland

I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. Vincent Van Gogh

The list of things I want and, most importantly, need to teach my kids can be lengthy. But at the top is to love and care for people. Collin would joke about the quote above, “Did Vincent ever meet “people?” Ha! Sure there’s some that are less than favorable but that’s beside the point. There’s plenty to love.
The thing is, how do I teach my kids something I’m still trying to do better at myself?
This reminds me of the other day when I was leaving the grocery store. Often there is someone on the corner holding a sign and asking for money or food. Collin and I both vividly remember the times when we were younger and our family stopped to help a person in need so we want to do the same for our kids. This particular day I was running late and noticed there was a man on the corner as we headed in the opposite direction. Suddenly I hear Avery yell, “Wait mom that man needs help! Mom turn around. Where are you going?!”
“Oh sorry Ave we are going this way. We will come back later.” She was so completely upset that I didn’t swerve across three lanes of traffic.
“Didn’t you see his sign? It says ‘Needs help!’” I love her giving heart. At the same time I was wishing that her giving heart wasn’t going to explode when I was already running late for something. But I turned around.
Then Quincey pops the thumb out of her mouth and chimes in, “He might just need some more money for Disneyland.”
“Yeah maybe. And his clothes did look fancy.” Avery adds. (Which they looked nothing even close to that category.)
I was trying not to laugh. As you can see, we still need some work here. : )
Knowing that their first instinct was to help is a good start. We gave him some apples and were on our way.
Life is busy. It’s so easy for me to hurry about the chaos of life and not see who I can reach out to… and I doubt Jesus likes the excuse–I was too busy. Crap, I need to do better.
I’m glad Vincent Van Gogh and Avery know what’s up.
Happy Sabbath friends! xo, Lizzy
Print above from oh my deer etsy shop